Sunday 6 December 2015


The word Christingle means “Christ Light” and originated from the Moravian Church custom of giving children lighted candles on Christmas Eve in a small church in Marienborn, Germany in 1747. The minister wanted a simple symbol to bring home the message of Christmas for the children. He gave them a lighted candle tied with a red ribbon while praying, “Dear Lord Jesus, kindle a flame in these dear children’s hearts.” 

       What we used to make our Christingle:

* A large orange – represents the world

* A small candle – as a reminder that Jesus is the Light of the World(the candle is missing and          will be added at home)

* A red ribbon tied around the orange - Represents the Love of Jesus for each and everyone of     us.

* Four Toothpicks with Dried Fruit or candies - Represent the four weeks of advent; Hope, Peace, Joy and Love  

Here are the almost completed Christingle "advent" wreath's that we made in Youth Group today!

Tuesday 26 May 2015

The Real You!

Matthew 7:15 ESV 

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.

In life, we have the option of wearing masks or being real.  IF we choose to wear masks, we should know that life will be more difficult for a number of reasons.  Let's explore what its like to do regular youth group things while wearing a mask!

We set out with card stock paper, feathers, foam, pencil crayons, scissors and ribbons to make our own masks.  We created wonderful masks to wear.  While numbers were low on Sunday afternoon, we had a great discussion about what makes who were are.  Each person brought 3 items that they felt told us who they are.  We each said what we see in one another.  Then it was time to wear the masks.  They were fun to make, but made things very difficult to do.  We couldn't see things easily... especially on the floor.  We couldn't drink or eat very well.  We had a hard time looking at each other and taking people seriously!

When we took the masks off, we held a group discussion and answered some questions.
Here are a few of the questions and responses.  As you read through, think about how you might answer these same questions.

Did wearing a mask make today's activities more difficult or easier? Why?
     more difficult.  I couldn't look at people without laughing and it made it hard to concentrate.  
     couldn't see very well. 

 How did you feel when you were able to take the mask off?
     Relief, not constricted or suffocated.

Do you think a majority of people or minority of people, "wear masks" in real life? Why?
     Majority, because they don't want to be judged.  They want to be the same or equal to peers.

Why do people even "wear masks"?
     To hide their true-self, fear that others won't like the real them. 

What are some of the problems that come with "wearing masks" in real life?
     You aren't taken seriously, you get laughed at.
     You aren't being true to yourself
     Blind, can't see things clearly
     People don't see the real you and judge you
     Become fake, loose yourself and miss out on what your real life can actually be

In life,  we have the option of wearing masks and pretending to be someone else, but we shouldn't.  We should throw our masks away because life gets more difficult if we choose to wear them.  God wants us to be genuine people.  To be true yourself, others and to him.
There are times in everyone's life, where a mask gets worn.  As much as people will deny wearing them, they have.  Unfortunately you can pay a high price for wearing a mask.  Always strive to be the real you.  No mask required.  God sees the beauty of who you really are and so will the people in your life.
Here are a few pictures we took while in our masks.  Look closely... do you see a wolf?

Wednesday 13 May 2015

A sunny afternoon!

With the warmer weather finally here, Soulidified is holding some meetings in the afternoon after church services.  We get to spend a bit more time together and enjoy all of God's beautiful world. 
We really enjoyed walking around the grounds of our beautiful Church and even had some visitors join us for a bit while we worked on our youth service in the sunshine.  

Look for some  photos and posts about things happening in the comping 3-4 weeks!  


This was the "theme" of our youth service held on May 3 2015.
Soulidifed did a wonderful job at answering what they would tell someone to defend their believe in God, no matter what is happening in their lives.
The service was an idea based loosely off a Movie "God's Not Dead"  In the movie a christian college student is asked to defend his faith to a professor.
This is something that many have encountered before.  Defending why we believe.
The miracles we mentioned in the service were researched by all members of youth group and ideas about how to present them.
The hymns were choices of a few members and others were suggestions to go with our theme.
We really enjoyed working with Scott to set the whole service up, the debates back and forth and especially the Friday rehearsal where we enjoyed Pizza and Pop and some other treats!

Sunday 12 April 2015

April 12

What a beautiful day today was!   
Soulidifed met after service today until 2:30 in the afternoon.  We had a bring your own lunch/fellowship time and then got down to work.  The Lobby had the windows open and music and laughter rang through out.   Once we had practiced a few pieces we headed outside to sit on the Steps of the church and do some work on our Youth Service.  If you drove by this afternoon, you would see that while work got done, it wasn't from sitting on the steps!  Watching the youth work as a team to help each other, support and encourage is just as glorious as the deep discussions we do have.   The sun and warmth did cause some distractions, but overall it was a fantastic youth group, with some much need fresh air and fellowship!  
Please come on May 3rd to our Youth Service and see all the hard work, thoughts, ideas and talents that this wonderful group of young people bring before God and the community!

What's Happening in Soulidified?!

Now that the blog is up and running on the St Andrew's website, you will have easier access to all things Soulidified!

The Youth are busy preparing for a Youth Service for May 3!  Discussions are happening in great depth, videos are being imagined, music picked and practiced!
Please plan on attending Church on this Special Sunday, you will not be disappointed!

Soulidified will be busy little beavers over the coming weeks and months, as we work on some discussions, devotions and our faith.  Please watch your bulletin for little hints about what we are doing, and maybe ask the youth about it what we did the next time you see them!

Tuesday 3 February 2015

Pancake Supper FEBRUARY 17th 2015

The Annual Pancake Supper is February 17th, 5:15 6:45 pm. Soulidified would appreciate some help in the kitchen and with clean up. The cost is $4.00 per person. To keep the costs down donations of food would also be much appreciated: pancake mix, syrup, apples, sausages and juice.